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The Car That Crashed Into A House — Where There Weren’t Any

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Legendary KTRK-TV news anchor Dave Ward said he and his photographer were driving around one night at about 1 a.m. when a call came over the police radio that a car had crashed into a house.

Well, that’s not necessarily all that unusual in Houston. But when they heard the location — Richmond and Kirby — they immediately thought something was off, mainly because there are no houses there.

But, when they got to the scene, they saw that there was indeed a house there.

“They were moving a house in the middle of the night,” Ward said. “And some drunk staggered out of a bar and crashed his car right into that house.”

Ward said he recently ran into the police sergeant who worked the scene that night, who asked him if he remembered that story.

“How could I ever forget it?” Ward said. “A lot of things happened in this city — that was one of the most unusual.”

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