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A philosopher once said, “The true test of a man cannot be determined in times of comfort, but in moment of grave challenges”.

My people, I salute your courage and perseverance in the face of harsh economic condition and unmitigated misrule never witnessed in the history of any administration since the creation of Kogi State.

Kogites never bargained for these social calamities visited on them by an inept, visionless and oppressive regime that only thrives on the use of violence for its survival. Fellow Kogites, the above scenario, especially, the nonpayment of salaries and arrears of workers and pensioners informed my decision to put my life on line for the liberation of my people.

I believe that the art of governance is a serious business reserved only, for the level-headed and well-focused individuals who can philosophically call to the deep, and who can comprehend the essences of power and its application for the benefit of mankind. It should not be an all comer affair to avoid inflicting permanent social injury on the citizens by power drunk despots as we are witnessing today.

Fellow Kogites, we have come a long way, and I can assure you, that several failed attempts to silence me as the voice of the voiceless, including several assassination attempts on my life, I have resolved more than ever before, to rededicate my political career to the defense of the defenseless no matter the threats. When given a fresh mandate to represent you in the Red Chamber, my advocacy for good governance will be digitalized to bring dividends of democracy to our people. I will never betray your confidence and no amount of intimidation can stop me from fighting the cause of my people above all will work with all my strength to attract the presence of Federal Government to Kogi State.

I will join hands with the new Government to reduced poverty and unemployment, and also bring down price of goods and services. I believe, any Government no matter its pretence or its sloganeering strategies, that is incapable of improving on the living standard of the people is a failure.

I have never been a senator in exile. I am a home grown senator from Kogi West. Your support and solidarity with me during my moment of trial will be adequately compensated.

The case in point was the botched and disgraceful so-called recall exercise by the power that be. Our collective triumph over the vicitude has proved that the people of Kogi West are proud of their sophisticated legacy of honour and integrity. God will honour your children too. The result was a true reflection of the unity of purpose that binds Kogites in the West.

We must reject externally influenced or sponsored division among brothers of a common heritage and history. As our elders says, “bi ogirio O la nu, alangba o le raye wo ogiri”.

Fellow Kogites of the Western axis, the coming Senatorial Election in 2019 is a test case for our familiar unity, integrity and our common heritage. Our past heroes never surrendered or mortgaged their sovereign rights to choose their leaders to despots for the sake of butter and bread.

We must for this reason rise to consolidate our inherited courage, liberty, and freedom by supporting me as your worthy son in the 2019 Senatorial Election to improve on my modest achievements in the service of our people.

I therefore call on all Kogites in the West, to reject any imported person that has no bearing with our state and the common man. God bless you, Long live Kogi West.

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